Welcome to Oasis Retreat-Retorno. We are the largest Jewish Rehabilitation and Prevention Center in the World. Retorno has been a leader in addiction treatment and recovery in the International Jewish community and beyond for close to three decades located in Beit Shemesh in Jerusalem,Israel. Last year alone we had 30,000 visitors. Oasis Retreat is the English branch for Retorno.

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Our premises stretch over 5 acres of land in Beit Shemesh where our clients can feel free and safe to explore the beautiful natural sites.

Geared to accommodate Religious/observant Jews from around the world. And strictly kosher.

We are equipped with an On-site Detox Center for both men and women. Staffed with Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers and Nurse with 24 hour and security. We also have both an in-patient and out-patient facility.

We provide multiple modalities of treatments for drug, alcohol, and gambling addictions including Therapeutic Horseback Riding, Animal therapy, Bach Remedies, PTSD treatments, Prescription drugs, Therapeutic Groups, 12-Step Program and much more.

Our specialised staff and programs help every individual put their lives back in order. Providing them with a safe place to receive warmth and love to start over and rebuild.

A Holistic Approach

to Addiction Recovery

Retorno embraces a holistic approach combining the 12 Steps Program with a wide range of modalities for treating addiction.

Included are group therapy, individual therapy, sponsoring, DBT, somatic experiencing, therapeutic horseback riding, animal-assisted therapy, empowerment workshops, and more. With these and other tools, our programs boast a high success rate in treating addiction of every kind.

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Prevention Programs

Retorno is widely acclaimed for its addiction prevention programs, attended by nearly 30,000 individuals every year, including soldiers, professionals, educators, laypeople, and students. We work in conjunction with the IDF, the Board of Education, Board of Health, and Social Services. Our English language services include inpatient residential programs, outpatient support in the community, and detox for women.

Client Testimony

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Retorno’s inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program is a highly structured therapeutic community in Israel integrating the 12 Step program with group and individual therapy, horseback riding, communal responsibilities, and many other proven holistic treatments.

In our residential substance abuse recovery program you have a chance to begin afresh, reset your life with new tools, new perspectives, new coping skills, and new abilities to thrive.

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Treatment Plan in 4 Phases

Beginner Phase

Acclimating to the program and learning to accept the structure and rules

Phase 1

Acquiring tools to deal with emotions

Phase 2

Increased personal and communal responsibility

Phase 3

Gearing up for reintegration into society

The adult therapeutic community is for men and women ages 17 and up, in separate programs. While our program is non-sectarian and open to recovering addicts holding all beliefs, Retorno is based on Jewish values and is strictly kosher.

Reach out now to reclaim your life!

Israel makes tangible the realisation that seemingly impossible goals can be attained. Retorno gives you the resources to make your goals of recovery and sober living a reality.

Addiction often causes your connectedness to self, family, and community to wither. Being in Israel helps you connect to your roots. Building connections and rootedness can be key elements in enabling your road to recovery. At Retorno, your journey to self-discovery includes building connections to family, community, and your roots.

Just the atmosphere in Israel contributes to feeling connected and meaningful. Instead of social alienation, experience a high level of mutual caring. Instead of every man for himself (or herself!), foster a sense of attachment.

Addiction tends to focus your functioning on the most self-serving level. Part of recovery at Retorno is to feel understood, to learn to receive love, to be able to care for others. As you develop the ability to give and receive, you can reclaim your inner self. As your life becomes imbued with meaning, you fill the vacuum where addiction takes root.

Community-based system integrating intensive therapeutic program and 12 steps

Watch Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel

Rabbi David Lau Endorses Retorno

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